Monday, August 21, 2017

Pike's Peak

The epic vistas of Colorado were certainly inspiring.  Pike's Peak was as impressive as advertised.  However, it was far too cold (27 degrees F) and the stay far to short to paint while up there, so this is from a photo reference as we took the Cog Railway back down the mountain. This may be one of my most favorite paintings that I have done in a long time.

                       Watercolor 11 x 8.5 on heavy weight paper 270 gsm

Below is the view from the scenic turnoff on I-25 (right by the AF Academy).  It was hot and dry (typical alpine desert weather).  And much like Lugano, the water evaporated as fast as I put it down.  I think I over-worked this one a smidge or two.  This one is not one of my favorites. . .

                      Watercolor 11 x 8.5 on heavy weight paper 270 gsm

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


He is cute but chill. . .

                            Watercolor and Robert Oster Melon Tea Ink